Our services

Gildedsplinters is not about process – corralling you to work in the way we believe you should. 

Rather, we’re here to support you through the challenges of your journey by providing powerful strategic and creative resources which you can shape in the best way to get the most value from.

The simplest way to use Gildedsplinters is as an ideation platform. From an outline of your challenge we brief all the Splinters. Their raw, wide ranging, top of the head ideas are compiled into a ‘look book’ that you can use to either execute yourself or develop and implement with our help.

Potential outputs: Content ideas, campaign themes, strategic insights.

Price: £1500

Splinters mentoring helps you get the most from an existing internal resource.

If your team’s got the knowledge and skills but can’t focus them to deliver a breakthrough, the experience and creative insight of a Splinter can quickly unlock their full potential.

Possible outputs: strategic programme, creative ideas/campaign themes.

Price: Gildedsplinters Member £600 per day

From your brief, an intense 1 day session with Gildedsplinters selected for their expertise in the challenge to fast track the development process.

We convene, structure, moderate and document the workshop.

Potential outputs: Brand positioning, strategic plans, product development strategy.

Price: £5,000
For when you need distance and insulation from the everyday to think creatively.

A space, virtual or physical together with time to work with the Gildedsplinters to experiment. Your chance to mold and rehearse ideas with a sympatheticm expert audience before unveiling them to the world.

An unstructured workshop, the studio approach is ideal for fleshing out raw concepts to the point where a conventional resource can take over and implement.

Potential outputs: Finished, implementation ready campaign concept. Product/service concept.Brand positioning, etc

Price: £7,000
Gildedsplinters as a testing mechanism.

Take an idea, a concept, a strategy and expose it to the Splinters. We examine its strengths and weakness, virtues and flaws. Will it work? How would we improve it? Rigorous constructive testing with total confidentiality.

Potential outputs: Confidential, personal report or public presentation.

Price: £1,750
From your brief we’ll cast an individual strategic thinker or team to develop the framework and/or tactical delivery plan.

Potential outputs: Strategy document and/or presentation.

Price: from £4,000
Jointly drafted by Splinters with long experience of writing briefs and tested by Members who’ve had to interpret the good the bad and the downright ugly, Gildedsplinters briefs structure contextual information in a way that delivers award-winning outcomes.

Output: Brief

Price: £1,750
The breadth and flexibility of the Gildedsplinters resource lends itself to being deployed to specific programme components or indeed to taking on entire projects/campaigns.

Full campaign development, implementation and project management package available.

Potential outputs: communications programme (e.g. advertising, integrated, social media).

Price: from £30,000
Experienced creative and or strategic team to work in house. Potential outputs: integrated campaign, event, online programme, content.

Price: Member £400 per day