The Splinters


An award-winning creative director who’s built and led creative departments in agencies big and small as well as on the client side. An integrated all-rounder with experience in above-the-line advertising, digital & direct marketing, B2, social media, experiential, shopper and in putting the whole mix together. Above all, a creative with a love of ideas, a head full of them and an eye for the next great one


A strategically-minded copywriter who’s worked for agencies and clients from Soho to Singapore. Who’s helped businesses such as Headspace get off the ground and brands like BA to fly higher. Who’s won a D&AD Black Pencil for film, but is more interested in helping you win customers. Who’d walk a hundred miles for a good solution to a brief, and has done.


A brand strategist and implementor with over twenty years experience of working with international organisations on brand challenges. Clients have included The British Government, Kaspersky Lab, Novo Nordisk and KPMG. Cameron’s worked inside and alongside some of London’s most prolific and respected agencies, including Radley Yeldar, Ico Design, Interbrand, Enterprise IG and Latitude.


Karen is a writer, editor and curator of company culture. She specialises in science and technology, the arts and culture, and environment and sustainable development. As a long-time writer for TED Fellows, she has helped scientists, social entrepreneurs and artists communicate their work in a way that attracts collaborators, the media and investors. She’s also written for, amongst others, satellite archeology platform GlobalXplorer, Biosciences for Farming in Africa, the United Nations Environment Programme and Wired.


An ideas-based art director who, in a long and illustrious career, has had the good fortune of working in many of London’s top agencies. Jeff’s also fortunate to have created campaigns for more than twenty beer brands and to have his very own men’s underwear brand – Brass Monkeys. However, he’s not so fortunate in having been a lifelong Villa supporter.


Matt began his career as a set designer for the National Theatre in London, before joining the BBC as an art director. Today he’s a highly regarded designer of products, interiors, and exhibitions, having worked with L’Oréal, Renault and Groupe Flo. He also teaches at the French National School of Industrial Creation – ENSCI-Les Ateliers – in Paris. Of his métier Matt says: “A designer lives in his own world, but the role of a designer is to improve upon it.”


Suit-turned-planner with more experience than he should be proud of. Has worked with many world-leading companies, some of which are still with us. A decade and a half of working with major technology companies, involved prototypes for products that now form the basis of everyday life. His personal obsession (apart fromjazz-fusion) is brand development and he will not rest until every earthly organisation and being has a clear view of its values, mission and vision.


Strategy demands the forensic rigour and acuity of a master cross-examiner. Olly is consulting barrister whose achievements include the masterplan for the London Olympics site and successfully defending a quarter of a million acres of precious greenbelt. Olly can spot the devil in the detail, provide a brutal reality-check or even flip the discussion to reveal possibilities invisible to marketing folk.


As a former product marketing manager and senior industry analyst at Google, Sunil has a wealth of experience leading high impact digital projects across countries and regions to deliver strong growth. He now runs an online incubator advising startups on product marketing, digital growth and commercial strategy and is the driving force behind Coinfan, a habitat for blockchain enthusiasts with over 100K subscribers.


Adam began as a photographer’s assistant, but was lured into advertising with the promise of being able to afford to eat. For twenty years he worked as an art and creative director for agencies including TBWA, JWT and The Ball Partnership – creating award-winning work for Nissan, Philips and Compaq Computers amongst others. In 2008, having worked with some of the world’s best photographers, Adam began shooting for himself. His work has been awarded and recognised by various festivals.


A PhD in experimental computer music, 10 years running a Manchester club and record label together with fifteen years in open source software have given Julian unique insights into some of the most fundamental challenges facing the online economy today – corporate governance and IP in distributed commercial communities. His  clients include Universities, governments, the arts, blockchain start-ups, charities and music industry moguls.


A strategist & consultant with more than fifteen years in e-commerce and digital business, Dino’s love is combining marketing and technology.  He’s a co-founder of three digital agencies, the eCommerce Croatia Association and, to satisfy his other passion, a volleyball club. Why a cooperative? Collaboration puts relationships front and centre of business – the only way to tackle today’s complex challenges.


A restless multi-disciplinarian, in a forty year career Roy’s built a bronze foundry, implemented one of the first digital graphics studios in Southern Africa, founded two tech marketing agencies and created work for some of the more significant IT products of the last 30 years including CompuServe, Lotus Notes and the first IBM PC designed specifically for SMEs. Now he’s exploring asynchronous, remote creative collaboration with Gildedsplinters and the Diglife Collective.